Total Gym FIT Review (2021 Upd.) | Comparison & Alternatives!

Brian Adams – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

One of the issues my clients bring up when I suggest they invest in a home gym is the amount of space they have in their home. 

When you think about gym equipment, it usually strikes a chord in your brain that tells you it will be big, it will be bulky, and that it will require its own room to be fully functional. I can’t say that isn’t true. In fact, many home gym equipment you see in stores do take up a significant amount of space.

If space is an issue, the model I recommend the most to my clients is the Total Gym FIT. It is a gravity gym model that heavily relies on your body weight to customize resistance levels on your machine. 

This means it isn’t as bulky as your usual stacking equipment—because it doesn’t need traditional weights. 

Another reason why I say the FIT is ideal for smaller spaces is that it has a handy fold-away feature that lets you fold it for storing when you’re not using it.


TotalGym Fit Trainer


 That means you don’t have to worry about setting aside a dedicated room for your equipment.

Admittedly, this machine isn’t the most high-value piece of equipment in the market. In fact, there are many other models that could give you more value and a better range of workouts to perform if your budget and space doesn’t prevent you from doing so.

Review Summary: The Total Gym brand is decades old in the industry. Their consistency in putting out high-quality gym equipment and attachments makes them a brand that many trusts.

I’d recommend the Total Gym FIT for any home shopper who is looking for an all-in-one trainer that doesn’t take up much space, and one that doesn’t necessarily need a dedicated room for you to get much use out of it. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to powerlifters and intermediate users simply because the resistance levels might not be enough to compete with what you’re used to.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner or are just looking for something to help you maintain your physique at home, then the resistance levels and over 85 exercises you can perform on the Total Gym FIT is more than enough.


  • This machine allows you to customize the resistance levels according to 12 percentages of your body mass.
  • Since the machine is reliant on your mass to determine resistance levels, it’s good for performing low-impact exercises. This means you won’t have to worry about overdoing the weights and excessively straining your joints.
  • The standard unit comes with several attachments and accessories that help you perform over 85 unique workouts.
  • It comes with seven workout DVDs that help you stick to a solid exercise routine.
  • It comes with a nutritional program designed by a Hollywood fitness coach
  • The machine is lightweight and weighs only 66 lbs so it’s easy to store away and take out when needed.
  • The overall limit is 450 lbs.
  • Total Gym offers a $1 trial and money-back guarantee.
  • Great customer testimonials and reviews
  • The brand has been around for many years and is backed with hundreds of glowing customer reviews.
  • It can easily be folded for storage.
  • The Total Gym FIT comes fully


  • The two-year parts warranty is lackluster. Other machines within the same price range offer at least a 5-year warranty for parts. However, the FIT also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • If you’re planning on purchasing it with attachments, it gets over a few hundred dollars more expensive.
  • The resistance levels may not be enough for intermediate or pro trainers or if you’re used to stacking equipment.

The Total Gym FIT’s compact design and unique bodyweight resistance features make it ideal for a budding home trainer or even experienced health buffs who are looking for a reasonable best home gym to maintain their physique. I recommend it if you’re short on space and want a piece of equipment that would help you stay healthy and motivated at home. 

The helpful workout DVDs and nutritional guide makes it ideal if you’re not sure where to start or if you want a more authentic trainer-trainee experience.

However, the TGF won’t make you a happy shopper if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can mimic what you usually do in a professional gym. It neither looks nor feels like the equipment you use at a gym; the weights are gone, and it only takes up 2 by three feet of space to be effective. That’s why I recommend you look into models like the Force USA G3 instead if you want a more authentic gym experience in the comfort of your own house.


About The Total Gym Brand.

Total Gym Logo

Total Gym is a decades-old company that specializes in gym equipment. The company itself is well-regarded in the industry and has over hundreds of glowing customer testimonies for their products. 

Total Gym’s equipment usually focuses more on strength training; however, their models are so versatile that they’re suitable for low-impact cross-trainers as well.

The typical shopper experience when purchasing from Total Gym is also worth noting. Their customer service is reliable, easy to approach, and eager to please. Plus, returns and refunds are easily handled whenever necessary.

What Is The Total Gym FIT? Notable Features

TotalGym Fit Trainer

The Total Gym FIT’s most remarkable features are its compact design, easy portability, and a wide range of low-impact yet high-return workouts. 

This gravity gym model doesn’t rely on stacking weights. Instead, it customizes your resistance levels according to your body mass.

 It’s well-suited for trainers who are pressed for space in their house as it only takes up 2 by three feet of space to complete a workout regimen. It also folds away easily for storing when you don’t need it, which means you don’t need to free up a room for your equipment.

Take a look at its best qualities:

Number Of Exercises You Can Do

The TGF allows you to perform over 85 different types of workouts on the Glideboard and the accessories that come with it. You can maximize these workouts by using the seven workout DVDs and illustrated exercise chart that comes with your purchase.

Can You Lose Weight Using Total Gym?

Total Gym is often considered the standard by which all home fitness equipment is measured. Its metal-on-metal design and professional-grade sensors mean that it’s much more effective at building muscle and conditioning your muscles than free weights, dumbbells, or the like. But does the Total Gym actually work for leg pull? Are you likely to see results from using it? We took a look at Total Gym’s claims and found that you can certainly lose mass with it. But the additional cost you’ll pay for the device may be a major deterrent for some.

How Much Does the Total Gym Cost? Total Gym is available in two versions: the basic one that costs $300, and the Deluxe version that costs $500. If you want an additional armband, treadmill, or poolside suspension system, Total Gym will cost you $100 to $200 per piece. It’s one of the pricier home fitness equipment options on the market. The Heavy’s own George Holm tested the device in-depth and came away impressed. “The Total Gym has a good set of features and has impressed us,” he writes. “It’s one of the few pieces of equipment that allows you to use your body mass to create resistance. It also has the best ergonomic adjustment system I’ve ever used for bodyweight workouts.

The Home Gym DVDs

Each TGF purchase comes with seven workout DVDs that guide you through your workouts. Take a closer look at each of them below:

  • Start It Up: This DVD is ideal for beginners since it features helpful demonstrations on how to use your equipment. It will help you better understand how to use your new Total Gym equipment
  • Beginner: This DVD is ideal if you already have an idea of how to use your equipment. It guides you through building a regimen for stamina, strength, and energy.
  • Intermediate: This program is designed to help you perform intermediate strength training workouts that will burn fat and build muscle.
  • Advanced: This five-day program incorporates upper-body and lower-body exercises for strength training.
  • Beginner Express: this DVD contains shorter training sessions that are recommended for those times when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on a workout. It also helps you get used to a Total Gym regimen.
  • 6 to 8 Minute Workouts: This DVD includes 12 more Total Gym routines for days where you don’t have a lot of time to workout.
  • AbCrunch: This video guide focuses on the AbCrunch accessory to improve your posture and tone your abdominals.

Weight Capacity

While the Total Fit GYM only weighs 66 lbs, It can still handle up to 450 lbs. It boasts great stability, which means it won’t topple over even when you’re highly enthusiastic.

The FIT is also well-built using high-gauge steel tubes and heavy-duty cables that are designed to last a lifetime.


It comes fully assembled out of the box. This means you don’t have to worry about spending hours figuring out which parts go where. Moreover, you can focus on learning the different workouts you can perform on the Total Gym FIT.

Folds For Storage

It is made of heavy-duty, but lightweight steel tubes and is easy to keep around small spaces such as apartments or a studio flat. 

This means you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your home. What’s more, it also folds away easily when you need to store it. Its total dimensions, when folded are 18.5×50.5×8.5 inches LWH, which makes it easily storable for another day. Also 2-Piece Wing Attachment for wider range of motion

Price - Compared to Other Products.

It is a mid-range product at a little over $1000. It’s a worthy investment for anyone new to home gyms. It also comes with a free upgrade (worth $100) and shipping when you purchase from their official website.


It is ideal for smaller spaces and will not take up much space in your home.

Unfolded: 18.5x93x44.5 inches LWH
Folded: 18.5×50.5×8.5 inches LWH

Reliability and Warranty/Guarantee

Total Gym is a highly reliable brand that has been around for years. Most customer testimonials are glowing and positive, so there’s very little you need to worry about. The brand also offers a warranty on the frame. 

However, the parts warranty could be better for the price point of the product given that most of its competitors offer at least a 5-year parts warranty. They also offer an extended 2-year warranty for parts.

Total Gym also offers a unique $1 30-day trial. Basically, this allows you to try out the equipment at your home for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied by the end of your trial period, you can return it for a full refund


User Reviews, What Customers are Saying?

Overall, Total Gym is usually met with glowing reviews. They have what you could consider a cult following of satisfied customers who advocate for the brand and the entire experience. The Total Gym FIT, in particular, has great reviews and is an ideal investment if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable piece of equipment that won’t take up much space in your home.

Total Gym FIT Signature Series Plus (Difference)

The Signature Series Plus is a slightly more expensive variation of the Total Gym FIT. 

Take a look at its main differences from the standard unit:

  • A signed and customized Glideboard
  • A limited-edition model certificate
  • Extra-large squat stand
  • Free streaming workouts on the Total Gym TV Basic.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS. Which is Better? The Difference!

Fit vs Xls

Number of exercises
It gives you access to over 85 unique exercises while the XLS allows you to perform only a little over 80 different workouts.

Resistance Levels
The FIT allows you to choose between 12 levels of resistance, while the XLS only allows you to choose between 6.

Weight Capacity
The Total Gym FIT can handle up to 450 lbs while the XLS can only handle 400 lbs.

Number of Attachments Included:
It comes with four attachments that allow you to perform over 85 exercises while the XLS only comes with three.

Unfolded Dimensions
The TGF is a slightly larger piece of equipment compared to the XLS. It measures 18.5x93x44.5 inches LWH while the XLS is only 19x90x43 inches big.

The Total Gym XLS is significantly cheaper than the FIT, costing you only around $1000 for the basic unit. The FIT, on the other hand, will cost you a little under $1500.

The XLS is a good choice if you’re under a strict budget. However, if you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars more, the FIT is a better investment because it improves upon complaints made against the XLS like the lack of resistance level options, maximum user weight, and the number of exercises you can perform on it.

Final Thoughts

The Total Gym FIT is an ideal piece of home gym equipment for users who are pressed for space. Its foldaway feature makes it ideal for settings wherein you’re unable to set aside a dedicated space to keep your equipment. Moreover, the helpful workout DVDs and nutritional guides make it easier for newbies to develop a healthy lifestyle within their home without having to rely on a personal trainer or dietician.

I recommend this machine if you’re just starting out, or are looking for a model that can be stored away easily when not in use. It’s also ideal if you’re not keen on the traditional weight stacking equipment you see in the gym. Its reliance on your mass to calculate your resistance levels make it ideal for low-impact cross-training or users who have sensitive joints.

However, the Total Gym FIT may not be suitable for you if you’re an intermediate or professional trainer. The resistance settings—while plentiful, are usually not satisfactory to those who are used to traditional equipment. It’s an optimal choice for maintaining your physique at home.

However, if you’re not pressed for space and would be comfortable spending over $2000 on a piece of home gym equipment, the Force USA G3 would be a better choice for you.

The G3 comes close to an authentic gym experience. It allows you to perform a wider range of workouts, and is better engineered for power users who aren’t looking for low-impact exercises.

Force USA Monster G3

All-In-One Trainer