Force USA Monster G3 Review (2024) | #1 All-IN-ONE GYM?

Brian Adams – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

When a client comes to me asking for recommendations on what home gym unit they should invest in if they want an authentic gym experience, the Force USA G3 is the first unit that comes to mind. 

The G3 is an all-in-one trainer that combines five exercise stations in one machine.

 Its industrial-grade heavy-duty steel tubing and aircraft-grade cables are built to handle up to 2,000 lbs of stacking weights. 

It’s also well-equipped with workout options allowing you to choose which workouts will best help you achieve your fitness goals.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a unit that is more affordable, you might want to take a look at other models since the G3 does come with a hefty price tag.

Force USA Monster G3


Review Summary: I recommend the G3 to powerlifters and intermediate users who want to maintain an optimal gym experience within the comfort of your own home. However, the G3 requires a dedicated room for you to be able to make the most of your workouts. It requires approximately 10 by 10 feet of area, which isn’t ideal if you live in a small studio apartment or don’t have that much area in your home. It also costs over $2000. If you’re not too keen on the price, and don’t have enough room in your home, I recommend you look into the Total Gym FIT. The FIT is a compact all-in-one trainer that only needs two by two feet of area when you’re performing your workouts. Furthermore, it also folds away to be stored when not in use and will only cost you a little under $1500. G3 is relatively affordable and one of the best all-in-one home gyms.


● It comes with storage space for your attachments, barbells, and weight plates.
● You can perform over 75 different exercises on the machine.
● It has a five-star safety rating.
● It is well-built using heavy-duty steel gauge tubes.
● It offers a lifetime structural warranty.
● It has optimal Westside hole spacing, which is not available on other G-series models .that allows you to customize your J-hook and spotter arm heights more accurately.
● The controller arms and j-hooks allow you to perform workouts on your own without worrying about getting hurt.
● The smith machine utilizes commercial-grade rails for smooth movement and the ultimate gym-like experience.
● Designed for comfortable knurling.
● It is ideal for powerlifting because it can lift up to 2,000 lbs of weight.
● It only takes a few hours to assemble, and it comes with an easy to follow manual.
● Split training is easy to set up.
● Its exercise stations are set up in a way that makes it easy to perform isolation training.
● Takes up little field, which makes it ideal for a home gym. It only needs 10 by 10 feet of area.
● Force USA is backed by years of customer experience and testimonies. Moreover, their customer support is very helpful and eager to help.It


● Purchasing the attachments will cost you over a thousand dollars more. Although, purchasing the attachments are optional and will not limit your G3 experience
● You cannot get exactly the same results you would if you were using specialized fully-sized gear
● It won’t take you too long to assemble the machine, but it still requires assembly
● It requires 10 by 10 feet of floor field, though this is still significantly less than if you were to purchase traditional commercial gym machines. Requires tall ceilings if optional pull-up station installed.



Most Important Characteristics

● External width: 80 inches
● External depth: 55 inches
● External height: 87 inches
● Internal width (in-between uprights): 44 inches
● Internal width (smith machine) 43 inches
● Internal depth: 34 inches
● Internal height: 85 inches

Attachments included:
● Monster G3 Power rack
● Functional trainer
● Smith machine
● Chin-up station
● Core trainer
● Landmine station with handle
● Long cambered bar
● Long straight bar
● Short straight bar
● Close grip row handle
● Two nylon stirrup handles
● An ankle strap
● Triceps rope

Pulley ratio: 2:1

Additional attachments:
● Vertical leg press
● Lat pulldown seat
● Stabilizer bar
● Straight chin-up bars
● Band pegs
● MyRack landmine

Exercise stations:
● Power rack
● Functional trainer
● Smith machine
● Chin-up station
● Landmine station
● Vertical leg press (sold separately)

Training Variations:
● Strength
● Power
● Bodybuilding
● Muscle endurance
● Glycolytic efficiency
● Concentric or eccentric training
● Compound
● Isolation
● Plyometric
● Slow-twitch fibers
● Fat-twitch fibers

Weight Specifications:
● Unit – 992 lbs
● Smith – 772 lbs
● Cables – 2,000 lbs

● Multigrip chin-up bar
● Landmine attachment
● J-hooks
● Safety spotter arms
● Land mine and handle
● Cambered bar
● Straight bar
● Small grip frame bar
● V-type handle
● Nylon stirrup handles
● Ankle strap
● Triceps rope
● Four band pegs
● Six weight plate storage
● Twelve Olympic weight spring clips
● Twelve standard weight spring clips
● Attachment storage
● Weight plate holders
● Bar storage


● Lifetime structural warranty
● 2-year cable and pulley coverage

Who this product is the best for.. Do I recommend it?

This brand is well-known for its semi-commercial. The G3 is no exception; this five in one trainer gives you access to a chin-up station, smith machine, pulley system, landmine stations, power rack, and functional machine for under $3000. 

force usaIt saves you field compared to purchasing traditional full-sized outfit, needing only 10 by 10 feet of area in your home. 

Moreover, its cables are designed to handle up to 2,000 lbs of weight, which makes it ideal for powerlifters and serious trainers.

If you’re looking for a high-return investment that will motivate you to work out more in your own home, I recommend the G3 gym. It gives you over 75 different exercise options with the ability to perform more if you purchase attachments or get creative with your workouts.

However, at over $2000, it may not be a good option for newbie home trainers or if you don’t have enough field in your home. 

Another option you may want to look into the review of the Total Gym FIT model, which costs under $1500 and is designed for compact spaces needing only two square feet of area in your home. It also folds away easily and weighs only 66 lbs, so it’s easy to store for another day when not in need.

What Equipment Comes with the Force USA Monster G3?

The G3 comes with over 20 attachments that make up the entire machine. These attachments allow you to perform over 75 different workouts and are designed to keep you safe during your workouts (the controller arms and heavy-duty parts), motivated, and comfortable during your workouts.)

The Force G3 gives you access to five workout stations right out of the box:

Power Rack – the power rack station utilizes Westside hole spacing, J-Hooks and multiple safeties to help you perform your power training without the need for help or worrying about your safety. The commercial-grade attachments are designed to maintain stability and safety throughout your sessions while mimicking an authentic gym experience by providing you options to customize your workout like the height of your controller arms.

Smith machineFunctional Trainer – this station gives you the ability to perform more than 75 varying workouts. It’s fully customizable with several height position options that allow you to focus on your shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and legs.

Smith Machine – this station utilizes Olympic weight plates and is designed to support natural body movement. This minimizes unnecessary strain on your body while maintaining high strength and safety standards for your training session. The smith bar is also easily re-rackable to any height position without much difficulty.

Chin-up Station – the multi-grip chin-up station features a highly ergonomic design that combines safety and comfort while you execute your chin-up workouts. It can handle up to 771 lbs with no issues and can accommodate the classic, hammer, wide, narrow, and pronated grip attachments.

Core Trainer – the core trainer station comes with a landmine attachment that maximizes your rotational torso exercises. It also allows you to perform a good variety of upper body training workouts when you use the optional barbell attachment. Unfortunately, the barbell is sold separately.

Aside from the five exercise stations, the G3 comes with other attachments and inclusions right out of the box:

● The controller arms attachment is easily transferable thanks to the Westside spacing on the G3. This allows you to easily determine the appropriate height for your weightlifting workouts without needing a second person to spot you. They’re built using high-gauge steel and are stable when attached to your power rack, so you don’t have to worry about your weights accidentally crashing down on you while you’re trying to catch a breather.
● The G3 also boasts improved J-hooks compared to other models. You’ll find that the G3 has the best J-hooks of all models this top brand offers; the upper portion of the J-hooks are protected with a nylon plastic material that keeps it from getting scratched by the bar, whereas other models lack this design feature.
● This trainer also comes with a variety of cable accessories that allow you to perform more exercises. This includes the long cambered bar, long straight bar, short straight bar, closed-grip row handle, two nylon stirrup handles, an ankle strap, and a triceps rope.

Accessories (Options and Attachments you Can Add to G3)

If you find yourself wanting to upgrade your G3, there are also several attachments you can purchase separately. Purchasing the optional accessories and attachments will allow you to perform a wider variety of workouts.

However, I found that it’s not really necessary to do so. That said, there are some benefits to purchasing the optional add-ons, such as adding more exercise varieties to your machine.

Here are the optional attachments you can purchase separately for your G3:

Leg PressThe Vertical Leg Press Attachment

The G3 vertical leg press attachment is what I would consider one of the best attachments you can invest in.

If you have a bit of extra money to spend on your home gym, I highly recommend that you buy this attachment because it adds a workout station to your machine.

What do you get with this attachment? 

In addition to a variety of new workouts that you can perform, the leg press add on allows you to focus on your hamstrings and glutes. 

The leg press attachment comes with a footplate and safety rails. These allow you to train on your own without external help and without having to worry about your safety. 

Leg Press weight rating: 350kgs

Lateral Pulldown Seat Attachment

The lateral pulldown seat attachment is unique to the G3 model. Usually, you’ll find only the knee pad or leg holders on other units. This attachment allows you to perform lateral pulldowns. So it’s a great option if you’re looking for something that will help you more conveniently do lat pulldowns on your G3. Otherwise, it may not be the best option since it’s not the only way to perform lat pulldowns on a G3. 

Stabilizer Bar

The stabilizer bar is a steel tube with adjustable height or depth. It comes with a convenient roller pad on end to help you position it with ease as you position yourself while performing cable workouts. It does wonder for helping you stabilize while performing your workouts. 

But, there is also a way for you to use it to perform lateral pulldowns. If you don’t mind the minor inconvenience this poses, you’re better off investing in the stabilizer bar instead of the lat pulldown seat attachment. 

StorageStraight Chin Up Bars

These chin-up bar add-ons include two types of steel bars: one 50mm “fat” bar and one 32mm “skinny” bar. However, I would venture to say that these aren’t very well necessary unless you have low ceilings. 

You can only have one bar installed at a time, and even then, you’d have to remove the multi-grip bar to attach another.

 Overall, I’d say it really isn’t worth the investment unless you keep bumping your head on your ceiling while trying to do your chin-ups. 

Band Pegs

The G3 band pegs that come with your accessories should be enough for most users. However, there are additional band pegs you can purchase should the need arise. Unless you’re sure you need the additional band pegs, though, it really isn’t worth the extra payment. 

MyRack Landmine

This landmine attachment is a highly optional attachment that I don’t really recommend you purchase. I don’t recommend it mainly because your G3 already comes with its own landmine station. 

The only reason you should get this would be if you don’t have enough room to work on the landmine station that is connected to the front of your equipment. Since this particular landmine is designed to fit into the G3 power rack at the back of your unit.

What Is the Force USA G3 Trainer? Its Most Notable Features

The fact that the G3 is manufactured by Force USA alone adds a point to the machine’s value. It is well-established in the industry and is backed by years of high-quality gym equipment and thousands of glowing customer reviews. 

That said, the G3 gym stands apart from other models the brand has to offer because of its wide range of unique attachments like the optimized Westside spacing and reinforced j-hooks. 

Take a look at some of the best qualities the G3 has to offer:


All-In-One and Saves Space

The G3 is a well-designed piece of accessories that will allow you to transform any space into your own personal home gym. It is designed to be semi-commercial, which means it utilizes high-gauge heavy-duty steel tubes and aircraft-grade cables to make sure the machine outlasts you no matter how hard you work out on it.

The G3 requires ten square feet of area, which means it would be best to have a dedicated room for your machine. That said, it saves you field by combining five exercise stations that would otherwise take up more than just ten square feet of area in your home.

While you may need to take some time to get used to the outfit, it’s important to note that aside from the power rack, the G3 comes close to an authentic gym experience. Its cable system is designed to handle up to 2,000 lbs of weight, and its other stations are optimized to feel both comfortable and familiar to anyone who is used to traditional accessories.

Power rack

The G3 power rack is technically what you would call a “half-rack” since it isn’t fully-sized. 

G3 RackHowever, that doesn’t stop it from letting you perform various barbell workouts that you normally could with a traditional power rack. 

Its maximum capacity is at 992 lbs, which is plenty enough unless you’re an elite lifter—in this case, I don’t think you would be investing in a half-rack to focus on your lifts.


The power rack itself comes with J-hooks that allow you to rack and unrack your bar with ease.

It also features safety controller arms that allow you to lift without having to worry about anyone spotting you or your weights crashing down on you.

Its Westside spacing feature is designed with optimal spacing so you can better position your controller arms at a height you’re comfortable with.

Safety Spotter Arms

Of all the G-series that it offers, the G3 boasts the most length with its spotter’s arms at 17.5 inches long. You’ll find that the extra 2.5 inches are a welcome change when you’re trying to squat.

I also find that this is a great move on Force USA’s part since the standard 15-inch controller arms on other models would require some getting used to if you’re used to full-sized accessories. This is just one of the developments that make the machine feel like you’re in a professional gym.


Another thing I noticed is that the J-hooks on the G3 are overall better compared to other models. The J-hooks are outfitted with a protective nylon and plastic outer layer that prevents them from getting scratched or damaged by the bar. This also provides an extra layer of grip when you’re trying to put your bar back.

Westside Hole Spacing

Another feature unique to the G3 is the Westside hole spacing. This allows you to make more precise adjustments to your j-hooks and spotter arms when needed. 

Moreover, the G3 has adopted a unique kind of Westside spacing from the traditional. In traditional Westside spacing units, you’ll find that 1-inch spacing is found only in the middle part of the shaft. At the same time, the G3 boasts 1-inch spacing all the way to the bottom of the equipment.

This means you’ll be able to better adjust your outfit to a specific height as needed when performing different kinds of workout.

Functional Trainer

Risastance Ratio

Considered the centerpiece of the G3, the functional trainer is likely where you’ll be spending most of your time since it allows you to perform the most number of exercises out of all the stations.

You’ll find two pulleys on the front uprights that are connected to plate-loaded weight brackets by aircraft-grade cables. Each plate bracket is also outfitted with a 6-inch weight peg that holds the weights in place.

The pulley itself is adjustable to one of any 22 height settings, which is impressive given the most other units offered are 19 height settings. 

Moreover, the functional trainer also utilizes a 2:1 resistance ratio. This means you’re getting half the resistance for every pound you put on in weight.

Here are some of my thoughts on the functional trainer:

● The functional trainer feels smooth. It’s a well-designed piece of outfit that can keep up with the likes of fully commercialized outfit like the G12.
● However, there is the slight issue of dragging if you happen to unload unevenly on pulley horns. To prevent this, you should make sure both horns are loaded evenly.
● The pulley cables are able to extend up to 145 inches to the front of the rack. This gives you the ability to perform more creative workouts that you wouldn’t be able to perform on other G-series models like walking squats.

Stabilizer Bar

To add to the list of unique features the G3 offers, it is the only unit that comes with a stabilizer bar.

Cable Row You might be unfamiliar with stabilizer bars; after all, they’re not that common with outfit. 

However, once you’ve tried them, it’s difficult not to like them.

Essentially, the stabilizer bar works by allowing you to lean your body on the pads outfitted to each end of the bar.

 This gives your body an immense amount of stability when performing exercises that require a great deal of core support.

Furthermore, the stabilizer bar gives you the ability to perform other exercises that would otherwise not be possible without it.

Lat Pulldown Seat

Another feature the G3 offers that other G-series units do not is the lat pulldown seat. This feature combines a seat and a leg holder pad. However, it is sold separately, so you might need to splurge on this attachment if you’re a fan of lat pulldown exercises.

I should note that it is also possible to do lat pulldowns using your stabilizer bar. It’s just not as convenient as the lat pulldown seat.

Landmine / Core Trainer

The core trainer attachment or more commonly known as the landmine attachment, is a standard feature for the G3. The landmine attachment allows you to perform over a dozen unique exercises on the G3 that you otherwise would not be able to on other units like:

● Landmine squats
● Landmine hack squats
● Landmine thrusters
● Landmine one arm row
● Landmine one arm press
● Landmine anti-rotation
● Landmine lunge
● Landmine RDL
● Landmine single leg RDL

Accessory Storage

While the functional trainer does give you a good amount of versatility, it also requires a good amount of attachments to make it possible. G3 comes with dedicated accessory storage that allows you to safely store your accessories like cable handle attachments, resistance bands, weight lifting belts, and clamps for your barbells.

Weight Plate Storage

Safety is a key theme that top brand likes to go with. To keep your home gym as safe as possible, your G3 will come with a dedicated weight plate storage that allows you to store your weight plates safely when not in use.

Barbell Storage

Near the base of the machine, you’ll find a barbell storage attachment. It’s designed to hold one Olympic bar and one standard bar. These allow you to vertically store your bars when not in use, preventing any damage to your bars or any accidents.

Force USA G3 vs G9

I would recommend the New G3, but Force USA went through a different route. For one it went with a radical design. In the case of the G9, it had to make a choice and settle for one. You’ll need to decide what you like the most. The G3 model is not for bench press…This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Band Peg Holes

Compared to the G6, the G3 has more band peg holes across the rack’s feet. These band peg holes are used for a variety of exercises including weight barbell movements, smith machine exercises, and pulley exercises. Unlike other models in the series like the G6, the G3 also comes with band peg holes in the middle, which makes it easier to adjust tension as needed.

Main Exercises You Can Do

While it may be impossible for me to list all the exercises you can do on the G3, I can list some of the most significant exercises you can choose from. Note that you’re able to perform over 75 types of exercises on the G3—more if you purchase its attachments.

● Band squats
● Band deadlift
● Band bench presses
● Close grip bench presses
● Barbell incline bench presses
● Barbell overhead presses
● Barbell z-presses
● Rack pulls
● Snatch grip rack pulls
● Barbell rows
● Barbell curls
● Low to high cable chest fly
● High to low cable chest fly
● Cable chest presses
● Cable shoulder presses
● Bacle stirrup shrug
● Cable lateral raise
● Cable upright rows
● Lateral pulldowns
● Cable low rows
● Triceps pushdown
● Lying cable triceps extension
● Cable biceps curl
● Cable pullthroughs
● Cable glute kickbacks
● Cable squats
● Walking cable lunges
● Cable sled pulls
● Cable squat walks
● Smith machine shrug
● Smith machine incline presses
● Smith machine RDL
● Smith machine hack squats
● Smith machine standing calf raise
● Smith machine rear delt rows
● Smith machine one arm rows
● Inverted rows
● Landmine squats
● Landmine hack squats
● Landmine thrusters
● Landmine one arm row
● Landmine one arm press
● Landmine anti-rotation
● Landmine lunge
● Landmine RDL
● Landmine single leg RDL

Force USA Monster G3 Dimensions

External Dimensions
● Width: 80 inches
● Depth: 55 inches
● Height: 87 inches

Internal Dimensions
● Width (between uprights): 44 inches
● Width (smith machine): 43 inches
● Depth: 34 inches
● Height: 85 inches

Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer Reliability and Warranty

Force USA is a generally well-trusted brand in the industry. You’ll most likely find that the brand is associated with heavy-duty and reliable customer service. 

The G3 is no exception. The machine itself is met with thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. You’re also unlikely to find any structural issues with your units as each piece of Force USA outfit is heavily quality controlled and built using the best and most reliable steel and cables.

In regards to warranty, Force USA offers a lifetime structural warranty on all units. However, the pulley and cable warranty covers your gear for only 2 years.

 In my opinion, it could be better for the price since other models with the same price range offer at least a 5-year pulley and cable warranty. But overall, it isn’t pretty standard in the industry.

G3 Workout

As written in an earlier article, I’ve always gone back to the basics. You can get stronger by building muscle, but if you don’t build lean muscle, you won’t have the energy and flexibility to do your job, i.e. stay at full power for hours on end. With more years of experience, I’m no longer so worried about doing it right, I just want to do it right. One of the best workouts that I’ve used since I started is The 3 Full Body Workout System by Ragen Chastain. As a former competitive high school runner and track team captain, I’m all about the power and fitness benefits of a power training approach.

My favorite exercise is the Front Rack Squat. This is one of the single most effective ways to increase the size of my arms and shoulders (see my 10 Tips for Strong, Lean Arm & Shoulder muscles article). It also has a great metabolic effect (burning lots of calories).

What is the Difference Between Force USA G6 and G12?

Force USA G6 and G12 are both advanced strength training systems, but they exhibit significant differences in design, functionality, and features. Let’s delve into their distinctions:

Design: The Force USA G6 features a more compact and streamlined design, making it suitable for individuals with limited space. On the other hand, the G12 boasts a larger and more comprehensive structure, catering to users seeking a versatile and spacious training area.

Footprint: The G6 occupies a smaller floor area, while the G12 requires more space due to its extended configuration and additional attachments.

Exercises: While both models offer a wide range of exercise possibilities, the G12 outshines the G6 with its expanded repertoire of exercises, including specialized movements due to its multiple pulley positions and attachments.

Pulley System: The G12 incorporates a more intricate pulley system, providing varying angles and resistance settings for enhanced workout customization. The G6, while still versatile, offers a simpler pulley setup.

Weight Capacity: The G12 typically boasts a higher weight capacity due to its larger frame and sturdier construction, accommodating heavier users and enabling more substantial loading for advanced lifters.

Attachments: With its larger size, the G12 can accommodate more attachments and accessories, offering users greater flexibility and options for targeting specific muscle groups.

Price: Due to its more extensive features and capabilities, the G12 is usually priced higher than the G6.

Accessibility: The G6 may be a better choice for beginners or individuals seeking a more straightforward workout routine, whereas the G12 is ideal for intermediate to advanced users looking to engage in more complex training regimens.

Customization: Both models allow some level of customization, but the G12’s expansive range of adjustments and accessories grants users a higher degree of personalization in their workouts.

Versatility: While both systems are versatile in their own right, the G12’s larger size and additional features make it a more adaptable option for diverse training styles and fitness goals.

In summary, the Force USA G6 and G12 cater to different user preferences and training objectives. The G6 offers a compact and user-friendly design, suitable for those with limited space or simpler workout needs, whereas the G12 provides a comprehensive and expansive training experience, accommodating advanced users who desire more varied and challenging workouts.

What is the Difference Between the G6 and G9 Force USA?

The G6 and G9 from Force USA are both premium home gym systems designed to offer versatile workouts and comprehensive strength training options. However, several key differences distinguish the two models, catering to varying user preferences, space constraints, and training goals.

One notable difference lies in their respective dimensions and footprint. The G9 typically boasts a larger overall footprint compared to the G6, providing ample space for a wider range of exercises and accommodating users of varying heights and sizes more comfortably. This expanded footprint often translates to increased stability during workouts, particularly when performing heavy lifts or dynamic movements.

Another differentiating factor is the variety and configuration of included attachments and accessories. While both models come equipped with essentials like pulleys, cables, and weight stacks, the G9 tends to offer a more extensive selection of attachments, allowing for greater exercise variety and targeting specific muscle groups with precision. Additionally, the G9 may feature upgraded components such as larger weight stacks or additional pulley stations, enhancing its versatility and accommodating advanced training protocols.

Furthermore, the G9 often incorporates more advanced technological features and ergonomic design elements compared to the G6. This can include features like adjustable seating positions, enhanced padding and upholstery for increased comfort during prolonged workouts, and integrated digital interfaces for tracking progress and accessing workout programs. These advancements contribute to a more intuitive and user-friendly training experience, particularly for individuals seeking convenience and efficiency in their home gym setup.

Additionally, the G9 may offer higher weight capacities and greater resistance levels than the G6, making it suitable for more advanced lifters or individuals with specific strength goals. This enhanced capacity for progressive overload ensures that users can continually challenge their muscles and progress towards their fitness objectives over time.

Overall, while both the G6 and G9 models from Force USA provide exceptional quality and functionality, the decision between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences, space availability, budget considerations, and the desired level of features and customization. Evaluating these factors carefully can help users determine which model best aligns with their fitness needs and goals, ensuring a rewarding and effective home gym experience.

Final Words / Who Is the Force USA Monster G3 Best for?​

The G3 is an optimal choice for any home gym shopper looking for a near gym experience. Although the unit requires around 10 square feet of area for the best workout experience, it is still considerably more compact compared to purchasing five or six full-sized gym gear.

Built by a reliable brand, the G3 is usually met with glowing reviews and is backed by a reliable lifetime frame warranty and 2-year cable and pulley warranty. 

While it may sound like the warranty of the cable is lackluster, when you consider the heavy-duty aircraft-grade cables used on the G3, it sounds unnecessary. In fact, I’m confident you’ll find that the cables are likely to outlast you even when you use your gear for extended periods daily.

I recommend the G3 for any intermediate or heavy trainer looking for a reliable piece of outfit that offers a wide variety of workout options. 

The machine itself is durable and built with aircraft-grade cables and heavy-duty steel tubes that are built to last a very long time. It gives you access to over 75 different exercise options with unlimited variations and five ergonomic exercise stations designed to mimic a professional gym environment as closely as possible.

However, the hefty price tag of over $2000 and approximately 10 square feet area requirement may not be suitable for newbies or home trainers who have limited area or budget. If area and budget is an issue, I recommend looking into the Total Gym FIT. 

The FIT is a gravity gym model that relies on your bodyweight to customize resistance levels. It only requires two square feet of field, and it folds away for storing when not in use. It only weighs 66 lbs, which makes it easily portable, and it only costs a little over $1000.

Force USA Monster G3